Fusion Quartz

The Ultimate Protection Package

Fusion Quartz Protection Package

Fusion Quartz has been specifically designed as an all-in-one package for both interior & exterior protection for your car. With Fusion Quartz applied to your car, your cleaning and ongoing maintenance will be quicker & easier than ever. 

Using the latest Nanotechnology Siloxenite-Titanium formulation, it provides a harder, more durable surface coating protection for your vehicle.  This means easier cleaning, no polishing or waxing, a better shine and ultimately, an improved resale value.  

Fusion Quartz will also ensure your fabric, carpet, leather and vinyl​ interiors are easily maintained in a pristine condition. 

All Fusion Quartz packs include an extensive National Lifetime Warranty, plus a BONUS Car Care Gift Pack.

Exterior Protection

Fusion Quartz applies a ceramic & titanium based, permanent paint sealant which safeguards against your paintwork from loss of gloss, bird droppings, insect etchings and tree sap.

It works at such a high level that it protects against bat droppings, sunscreen stains and acid rain.

Interior Protection

A Fusion Quartz protective coating is applied to all your internal leather, vinyl, carpet and fabric surfaces.

This is designed to reduce the appearance of stains on high wear areas of the vehicle like floors, seats, side panels and the boot area. The benefit is that is makes it easier to clean the inside of the car - perfect for busy individuals & families with young children.

Common stains Fusion Quartz protects against include;

  • Food & drink spills (alcohol, soy sauce, coffee)
  • Cosmetics (make-up, hair products)
  • Perspiration
  • Pet stains, grease and oil stains

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