Exterior & Interior Protection

Exoshield Paint Protection

Exoshield Paint Protection helps safeguard your vehicle from the unforgiving Australian elements.

This Premium Paint Treatment is a revolutionary 7H paint sealant, specially developed to work with modern automotive paints.

This paint treatment will protect against external environmental damage to the paint, including:

  • Loss of gloss,
  • Bird droppings,
  • Insect etchings,
  • Tree sap.

Exoshield Paint Protection also eliminates the need to wax & polish your paint.

Exoshield Interior Protection

Exoshield interior treatments are specially formulated blends of phenolic resins and organic emulsions, using Nanotechnology, to ensure the very best in protection for the latest interior materials of modern vehicles.

The ultimate fusion of polymers and resins to ensure the interior of your vehicle – fabric, carpet, leather and vinyl – is maintained in pristine condition for many years. Exoshield Protects Against:

  • Food and drink stains
  • Oil and water stains
  • Motion sickness stains
  • Makeup stains
  • Pet stains
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