Dash Cam

Front only | Front & Rear

Front Dash Cam | Thinkware F800PRO

Helps to recall traffic incidents & number plates in the event of a car accident or road rage incident. Also aids with hit & run parking incidents for either front only or front & rear.

Completely hardwired to car, no loose cabling, backed by a warranty for parts & labour.

The Dash Cam That Does It All! The Sony Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor featured in the F800PRO front and rear cameras provides rich colours and the optimal resolution.

STARVIS technology improves Exmor R’s low light sensitivity by providing optimal image quality in visible ray and near-infrared range, allowing clear imaging in low light environments.

Front & Rear Dash Cam | CVIS T9

Equipped with Sony Starvis Image Sensors, recording crisp and clear full 1080p HD front and rear videos at 30 fps!

Data logging – Allowing you to access information on trip data. Including driving route, mileage, time, speed etc.

The CVIS T9 Dash Camera has inbuilt temperature monitor – Allowing the unit to High Temp. Cut-Off @ approx. 70°C – Saving the camera from being damaged by the harsh Australian sun.

Supporting up to a max 256GB SD Card allowing much longer recording times (64GB supplied). A sleek designed, easy to use dash camera to protect you on the road. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) built in for peace of mind – Including; Lane departure warnings and Front vehicle start alarm.

5 Things To Know About Dash Cams

Dash cams simply record any trip taken to show what has happen on a drive. This footage is useful in case of a crash – to show any insurers or police officers what was happening on the road immediately before the incident.

Here’s the top 5 frequently asked questions about in-car cameras.

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