Review: 2014 VF Holden Ute SS-V Redline

Posted by Motorama in Vehicle Reviews

There isn’t much time left before V8’s become a thing of the past with smaller engines with forced induction. Time is also running out for the Australian Ute.

When production finally stops for the locally built Commodore, the Holden Ute will also cease to exist moving forward. So in this review, we want to review what is a true Australian icon and to see, touch and feel what Holden have developed as the last hurrah.

Naturally, we look at Holden’s flagship and unofficial Nurburgring record holder, the SS V Redline. Powered by a cracking 6.0-litre V8, producing 270kW (260kW in the auto), and filled to the brim with features, it’s more than just a work utility. It’s a tool for the toys too.

Initial Impression​

Thanks to the incredible VF Commodore styling, the front end of the Holden Ute is all about presence, and with the addition of big Brembo brakes and massive 19inch alloy wheels, the look is complete.

On the inside it’s an intimate affair with space for the driver and passenger only. Not like that’s a bad thing anyway, because you and your mates would own one of these each – not just you.

Being the Redline model, you have full leather seats, a ‘stunning to hold’ steering wheel and a heads-up display. If it’s a run down to the shops or a drive to the coast, it’ll always be an event for you.


Life then gets even better when you push the start/stop button and not only just hear, but feel the V8 come to life. Sure, we’d love even more feedback through the exhaust – but we understand that others don’t appreciate what lies underneath as much as you.

Punch into first or slide into Drive and you’re off and the smooth V8 acceleration will leave you with your windows down and stereo off most of the time. It’s so satisfying to listen to.

Despite the lack of weight in the rear, the Redline feels solid when powering through corners or when climbing a mountain road. You can’t forget that you’re in a ute with less rear weight, but the handling has improved dramatically over previous generations.

From an everyday point of view, there’s lots of safety technology and features that will make your task as driver that much more focused on enjoying the experience. Trailer sway control will minimise the risk of having an accident due to loss of control of what you’re towing, and the reverse traffic alert will let you know when cars are approaching from either side of you when coming out of a car park.

It doesn’t stop there though. It can park itself into both parallel and right angle car parks, as well as let you know when you’re venturing out of your lane or if there’s a car beside you with blind spot alert.

It’s an extremely well thought out package, and a total blast to drive anywhere.


Of course, being a ute, it’s 100% about practicality from a moving items from one place to another sort of way. Of course if you’re wanting to take the family out you’ll need to find a new car, but if you’re a tradie, locksmith, or professional base jumper, this is for you.

With a tray liner as standard, and built in stubby holders in the tray door proves further that this is made by Australians, for Australians and is practical all the way though.


One of the best parts about the Holden Ute range is its affordability. From the base Holden Ute, through to the SV6, SS, SS-V and SS-V Redline – there are features to match any budget.

Priced from $37,587 drive away, it’s incredibly good buying. Especially with Holden offering a 3 Year/100,000km Warranty and 3 Years of Capped Price Servicing.

Our SS-V Redline review model is $53,630 drive away and even at that price point – it provides a combination of sportiness and practicality you simply will not find anywhere else here in Australia or anywhere else in the world.


The Holden Ute will be a sad thing to see go, but right now the 2014 Holden Ute is the best they have ever created.

The SS-V Redline was extremely enjoyable and completely satisfying to drive. IT comes ready to do all the work and play you need to do with the lined tray and safety features straight off the showroom.

If you’ve ever thought about buying a Holden Ute, this is the time to do it. Don’t wait as you will not be disappointed.

Make sure you test drive a Holden Ute for yourself at one of our Motorama Holden dealerships at Moorooka or Springwood.