Review: 2014 Holden Colorado 7

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Whether it is on red dirt, black rock, or white sand, the Colorado 7 has been designed to get you there and back again with 6 other passengers.

The 2014 Holden Colorado 7 has a total focus on off-road capability for an entry-level asking price. There are two variants, the entry-level LT and the top end LTZ. Both of these have a 2.8L turbo diesel engine that produces 147kW of power and a massive 500Nm of torque.

Even though it is only available in with a 6-speed automatic transmission, the Colorado 7 has a towing capacity of 3,000kg. Large enough for almost any towing task you can think of.

Safety wise, the Colorado 7 boasts a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating with trailer sway control, rear park assist, reversing camera (LTZ model), 6 airbags and other standard safety systems. 

With a recommended drive away price of just $51,717 for the LT and $54,754 for the LTZ, we were curious to know that could this 7 seat 4WD be able to hold its own.  

Let’s get on with the review.

Initial Impression 

Seeing our review LTZ model for the first time in white, there’s presence that is demanded from it. There’s no hiding the 4.88 metres of length, 1.9 metres of width or 1.83 metres of height. 

Jumping in and out, you’ll be making great use of the grips, and side steps.

On the inside, the interior is designed to be worked hard. This time, the use of plastics works well to ensure durability and making it easy to keep clean. Particularly handy if you work or live in a dusty environment.

The inclusion of the MyLink system from Holden is great, and gives you a super easy way to access media, as well as control some of the vehicle settings.

In the rear, both rows of passengers should be able to remain comfortable with a separate zone for air conditioning. In the LTZ, both the front and rear zones are fully electronic climate control systems.

There’s no hiding the fact that this sounds like a big truck, so let’s get out on the road!


The most noticeable thing about the Colorado 7 is its monstrous amount of torque. This allows you to take off with plenty of gusto, and comes in super handy when towing large loads on the back.

Visibility is good with large mirrors being able to eliminate almost 100% of the traditional blind spots you have in a large SUV. 

When it comes to towing, the inclusion of trailer sway control, and reversing camera means that reversing up, hooking up and getting going is convenient & safe.  

Trailer sway control, especially when towing large trailers, assists you with managing the load. Using the vehicles stability systems and ABS, Trailer sway control helps counter the trailer movements. So, when bustling down the highway you won’t end up in disaster.

Holden has also done a good job of thinking about the small things when towing. For example, the soft touch lane indicators stay on for double the normal length of time to let everyone around you know your intentions. 

Clever stuff. 

As for fuel economy, we achieved a figure of around 10 litres per 100km, sometimes a little higher when pushing the 4WD. Whilst, not as low as we’d like to see, still a very respectable figure for a large 4WD.


With 7 seats, massive towing capacity and great clearance of 231mm, the Colorado should be able to meet most, if not all of your needs as a family bus, or work horse.

The third row of seats are ideal for young children being taken to weekend sport, or fold them down, and you have a regular rear cargo area for the weekly shop or your power tools.

If you want to venture off road, the Colorado 7 is able to switch between 2WD, 4WD and low gearing all with a flick of a switch. This is particularly handy if you’re driving through various conditions in a short period of time.

So, there should never be a situation that makes you feel you can take on - whether that is in regards to being the weekend bus or off-roading.


In the grand scheme of what Holden offers in their SUV/4WD line up, the Colorado 7 is the pinnacle. Starting with the Holden Trax, Captiva 5, Captiva 7 and finally the Colorado 7, the pricing reflects each stage of size and capability. 

With the drive away price of starting from $51,717, this isn’t another soft-roading SUV. It’s a full-fledged 4WD that can double as a great family car and still come in under budget. 

Included is a 3 Year/100,000km Factory Warranty, first 3 Years/60,000km of Capped Price Servicing with scheduled services costing just $295 each. 


Holden have delivered a competitive package when it comes to the Colorado 7. It has 7 seats, a host of safety and comfort features, massive towing capacity, real 4WD capability and great power delivery.

Whilst the driving experience is raw, and the road noise isn’t as quiet as we’d like it to be, you can forgive these flaws for what it does give you in return for the money. It’s a 4WD you have to drive, and experience for yourself.

If you want to check out a Colorado 7 yourself, you can arrange to test drive one at one of our Holden dealerships at Springwood and Moorooka.