What Should Your Car Service Include?

Posted by Motorama in Servicing Tips

If you've recently booked your vehicle in for car servicing in Brisbane but you're unsure what this process actually covers, it's a good idea to get your head around it. When it comes to the frequency of your services, check out your owner's manual for suggested timeframes.

This plan has been modelled around your specific vehicle and should be adhered to in order to ensure the car runs as safely and efficiently as possible. In general, a car should be serviced every six months, however this frequency changes as cars age and more attention is needed to ensure the car performs well.

New cars may need to be serviced as infrequently as once a year, however it's a good idea to check this with your local car service centre.

Standard services

Services vary from centre to centre, so make sure you get the best bang for your buck and everything is covered. A standard service from Motorama starts with an oil filter check and replacement if required, which is a vital component of any service.

The cooling system, radiator and coolant are checked to ensure they're performing as they should be, and the battery clamp and terminals are investigated for signs of corrosion. More simple things like wiper blades and washer fluid are checked and replaced if need be, and the exhaust system is looked over to make sure there's no damage to it. Any fluid leaks are identified and reported on, and all internal and external lights are tested for damage and operation.

The suspension and steering are also put under the magnifying glass, as these are areas that dramatically improve or reduce your car's performance, depending on their condition. The driveshaft, wheel bearings and tailshafts are looked at to make sure they're as safe and operational as possible. Interior features, like the odometer, horn and central locking are all put to the test in this thorough inspection.

One of the most important features of a service involves the condition of the tyres, and the Motorama standard service includes a full report on the condition, size, load rating and wear estimate of these crucial pieces of equipment. As well as this, the pressure of all tyres (even the spare) is checked and adjusted to be in line with the manufacturer's requirements. Another vital feature of the car, its brakes, are also checked in this service.

Pads are examined for wear and tear, and the clutch fluid conditions are analysed. Every element of the brakes, from the drums to the lines and fluid, is checked over to make sure your vehicle is slowing and stopping as it should be. Exterior features like the boot, bonnet and wing mirrors are all tested for functionality, and any unusual noises, smells and leaks are investigated thoroughly.

The seat belts are made sure to be in good working order and the air conditioning filter is examined, meaning that after this service, your car should be completely roadworthy!

What if something needs fixing or replacing?

If, during the service, problems are revealed in your car, your service dealer should make contact with you, explain the issue and the process for repair or replacement.

You will have an option on whether to go through with the work or not, but these service people are professionals and should only recommend procedures that your car needs. You should be given a rough estimate of costs before any work is done on your car, covering labour, parts and the estimated time the project will take to complete.