What Can I Run Off My Car Battery?

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If you frequently make long road trips or you love to go camping, you might already be familiar with car power inverters, which convert DC voltage into AC output.

These handy gadgets can convert your car's battery to power a range of devices - you might be surprised at what you can operate using just your vehicle! However, it is important to know your battery's limits, too. Read on for a quick guide to using a car power inverter.

Using an inverter

Some charge cables are small enough to plug into your car's cigarette lighter or USB port. You may like to use these to ensure your mobile phone or the kids' portable DVD player has power while you are out and about on the road.

However, a more substantial power inverter might be required if you need to charge a device using a traditional wall socket. Power inverters are sold at different watt levels - to compare different brands, check their continuous rating. You will need to ensure your watt level is sufficient to change your computer or camera - or even your television, if you are camping.

Knowing your limits

Inverters are great accessories, but it is important to remember that most car batteries are not designed to do anything other than power your vehicle. The last thing you want to do is overtax the system, so it is important to use car power inverters sparingly.

You might want to choose an inverter that automatically switches off at certain voltages. This can ensure that your electronics do not drain your car battery or cause damage to your electrical system.

If you aren't sure what inverter will work best with your car battery or you have additional questions, the team of experts at your local Motorama car service centre can help.

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