How to Protect Your Car Paint

Posted by Motorama in Servicing Tips

Just like wrinkles and crow's feet are a natural part of getting old, paint chips and marks on your car are a natural part of the automobile ageing process. However, just like you can moisturise your skin to delay ageing, you can wax your car to keep the paint job from decaying ahead of its time.

Car wax acts as a protective seal over your car's paint job, and can keep your car in top condition for far longer when applied regularly and correctly. Not only will this mean you turn more heads while cruising down the streets of Brisbane, it will also preserve the resale value of your new car.

Different wax manufacturers suggest you wax anywhere from once a month to once a year, so read the instructions on the packaging carefully. If you park your car out of the sun or under cover then it is likely that you will need to wax your car less often. A good test to determine whether your car needs to be waxed is to splash some water on your car and watch the droplets - if they bead up, your wax job is still good, but if the water streaks down the car, you need to wax!

There are a number of different varieties of wax available, so refer to your owner's manual and talk to a professional whenever possible. Some waxes contain abrasives, which can damage certain paint jobs, so look out for these. Make sure you are using a wax that matches the colour of the paint job of your car.

How to wax your car

Always wash and dry your car comprehensively before using wax to avoid trapping any dust, dirt, animal droppings or salt. These are all hazards that can damage the paintwork of your car significantly if allowed to bake on. Remember never to use dish soap or household cleaning products when washing your car, as these will do more bad than good!

It's a good idea to wax out of direct sunlight, as the heat and light can cause the wax to bake on, making it difficult to remove. If you have a garage consider waxing inside with the door open, otherwise, just wait until the morning or early evening when the sun is not so high in the sky.

Using a damp sponge, work slowly and apply your wax evenly, using a circular hand motion, and be careful not to apply too much pressure. Remember, less is more! Don't be tempted to smear on a lot of wax as it will just take more time to remove.

Once you've applied the wax, you will want to leave it for a few minutes to dry before removing it with a soft, nonabrasive cloth. Be careful to never use any rough or textured material when washing or waxing your car. Make sure you have removed any and all wax residue before finishing the job and remember to read the instructions on your wax container thoroughly to avoid making any costly mistakes.

Our detailers work hard to make sure every Motorama car goes out looking in its best condition, while our expert service technicians ensure that everything underneath the paint is in top shape.