Tips for Travelling with Kids

Posted by Motorama in Motoring Tips

Heading off for a holiday with kids?

Here are some activities for the road that will make the trip go a little quicker.

The traditional set of I Spy, Hangman and Alphabet Categories are always a hit, but after an hour of driving, everyone might be a little bored of the same games on rotation – especially if you’re the only adult in the car coming up with all the categories.

Tablets and smartphones are also useful, but if the batteries are dying or you want to stop square eyes, you have to regulate the time spent on the devices in the back. So how do you keep everyone entertained without getting bored?

Games to play

Number plate game

For young kids: Make up words for each letter on the number plate of a passing car (i.e. BFR 801 = Bad Fridge Rats.)

For the older kids: Try and make the longest word with the letters in order, e.g. BFR = Buffering.

Car cricket

Pick colours or types of cars that will be worth runs, for example: hatchbacks are 1 run, sedans are 2 runs, utes are 4 runs and convertibles are six. If a red car passes, that person is out and the next person steps up to the pitch.

Car Wheel of Fortune

Write down everyone in the car’s names on separate pieces of masking tape and stick them in a wheel around the outside of one of the tyres. When you stop for a break, the person who is closest to the top of the wheel arch gets a prize.

Activity box

Create individual packs for kids, with printed out colouring in sheets, crayons and pencils, scavenger hunt/car bingo sheets and stickers to let them entertain themselves while the tablet or smartphone is charging.

What animal am I?

Have someone so first and pick an animal.  Everyone else in the car has 20 questions, asking only yes/no questions, to guess what the animal is.

Rest stops

When you pull over for a break to stretch your legs, it’s important to get the blood flowing for everyone. Make a game and get everyone moving – for example, split into two teams and have a tag relay race between two trees for a couple of minutes. This will tire out any little passengers, but keep you awake once you’ve got some adrenaline pumping.

Remember, you should take at least a 15-minute break for every two hours of driving – even if you feel like you don’t need it; and get plenty of rest before you set off. If you can, alternate drivers every couple of hours and keep an eye on your speed, especially if the weather is playing up or there is wildlife crossings.

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