3 Awesome Iphone Apps For Your Car

Posted by Motorama in Motoring Tips

Driving - there's an app for that! Did you know that there are hundreds of great iPhone applications available from the iTunes app store that can make driving easier and more convenient?

We've assembled a few of our favourites here for you to check out. Remember to make sure your phone is properly fitted into an in-car cradle if using these while driving, and don't ever give into the temptation to use your phone manually while out on the roads.

Car Butler - Free

Have you ever been out on the roads and found yourself struggling to find a petrol station or a rest stop? Well then Car Butler is the app for you. Marketed as an "all-in-one app for people and their cars", Car Butler contains information about nearby service stations and parking spots, and also includes live traffic data.

If you ever find yourself in an accident, you can even use the Car Butler to log an auto accident report before you call for Roadside Assistance - a service that comes free for one year if you purchase a new Holden, Mitsubishi or Kia car from Motorama.

The Learners Test - Free

If your road code knowledge might need a bit of a refresher, why not try downloading the Learners Test application and reviewing a few of the basics? This is a great app for reminding yourself about the important road rules, and you can even use it to conduct a mock test.

That makes it perfect for helping any young drivers go over their basics.

Australian Road Trips - $4.49

Thinking of taking off on a road trip this year? Then make sure you download the Australian Road Trip application.

This handy tool contains a massive catalogue of more than 350 of the very best road trips that Australia has to offer, and even includes recommendations as to activities and accommodation to check out along the way.

This app was designed by freelance travel writer Lee Atkinson and won the 'Best Travel App' award at the 2012 Australian Society of Travel Writers Travel Journalism Awards. So that's it! Make sure you try these apps for yourself and let us know what you think.

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