School Terms and 40 Zones

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School’s back for another year, so that means 40 zones are in effect in the morning and afternoons.

From 7am – 9am, and from 2pm – 4pm you cannot exceed 40km/h in a school zone. Some schools that have more than one campus will have all-day school zones to keep kids safe.

Whether you’re doing the school run, or just driving through – make sure you stay even more alert around schools and pay attention to the lollipop ladies (and gentlemen).

Term 1: January 29 – April 5

Term 1 runs for 10 weeks from Tuesday 29 January until Friday 5 April. The Easter Holidays start on Good Friday (19 April) and run for two weeks.

Term 2: April 23 – June 28

Term 2 goes from Tuesday 23 April until Friday 28 June for the winter holidays. The only state-wide public holidays in second term will be Anzac Day (25 April).

Term 3: July 15 – September 20

Term 3 picks up on Monday 15 July and runs until Friday 20 September.

There are no state legislated public holidays, but the bulk of annual shows run around this time so check what dates you need to clear space in the back of the car for the show bags.

In case you were wondering, the Ekka’s People’s Day is on Wednesday 14 August, while the Gold Coast Show holiday is on Friday 30 August.

Term 4: October 8 – December 13

Term 4 starts on Tuesday 8 October after the Labour Day long weekend and runs until Friday 13 December to break for Christmas holidays. The only public holidays to plan for is the Queen’s Birthday long weekend on Monday 7 October.

Keep your wits about you and look out around schools at all times, in order to keep everyone safe on the roads.