Keep Your Leather Clean & Luxurious in Two-Steps

Posted by Motorama in Motoring Tips

Leather seats can make any car instantly feel more luxurious, look amazing, as well as more comfortable. However, just like the exterior of your car, you have to care for it. This involves caring, cleaning and conditioning your leather.

Spending a little time now will make sure that it keeps it feeling great and looking luxurious for the life of the car.

To kick off before we dive into some specific methods, a really simple task is to ensure that you wipe over your leather frequently with a microfiber cloth. It will make minimise the amount of dirt, grime or body oils absorbed by your leather seats.

However, when you get your car washed next, make sure you add your leather seats to the list of tasks with these two steps below:

Brush your leather

It might seem like a strange idea, but brushing your leather to apply a leather cleaner is an effective way to clean your leather. A leather and vinyl scrub brush (or microfiber pad) is designed to work the same way a wash cloth or brush would work in the shower.

By agitating (not scrubbing) the leather, it causes dirt and body oils to rise to the surface of your leather, where it can be removed.

After taking 15mins to clean your leather, you’ll be left with seats looking great, but without step-two, could be left unprotected.

Condition your leather

Once you’ve cleaned your leather, you want your leather to be soft and protected. A good leather cleaner kit, which can be purchased from an auto store, will be absorbed by the leathers cells, and assist in the protection of your seats.

Whilst the instructions on how to use the specific cleaner will vary. The general rule of thumb is that you work on one seat at a time, and carefully apply the conditioner evenly. After allowing the conditioner sit for a short period of time, you work over the leather again to remove any excess conditioner.

Once you’ve completed this, not only should you have great looking and smelling leather, your seats will be protected and looking great for years to come.

Bonus Tip

Try to avoid sitting on your leather seats with sunscreen on. In Queensland, we probably use more sunscreen than any other state and when coming home from a day outside or the beach, we usually have some residual sunscreen on our skin.

This sunscreen can discolour and ruin leather. So to avoid this, try placing a towel or sheet down over the seats, or have a quick rinse off shower to ensure that you don’t have any more sunscreen on!