How can you keep your car secure?

Posted by Motorama in Motoring Tips

Whenever you park your car at home, at the shops or at work, you hope that your car is secure enough to make sure it doesn’t get broken into or stolen. There are a number of reasons why cars get stolen or broken into, but you can take steps to help keep your car secure. 

These steps or recommendations aren’t based on rocket science, but it might be just the thing to keep you thinking next time you park and leave your car.

Park where it is busy

If you have a brand new car, you’ll be tempted to park at the empty end of the shopping center. You don’t want to have an unfortunate scratch from a shopping trolley on the door.

However parking where there is traffic consistently moving through, or where there is plenty of visibility will reduce the temptation for criminals to target a car off by its own where there is nobody around.

Keep your car interior clean

Next time you’re at the shops and walking from the car park, take a quick glance at a few cars. Chances are you will find multiple valuable items or items that would be of interest on display. Most cars will have either lots of small hidden storage spaces or a boot where you can hide those items.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep your car interior clean and tidy, and if there isn’t anything on display, there isn’t any temptation.

Wipe down your windscreen

If you use a GPS unit or have a mount for your phone, which uses a suction cup on the windscreen, you’ll notice if you take it down there will be residue or marks from where it was placed.

Now you’ve done the right thing by taking the mount down whilst you’re not using it, but you’re still advertising that there’s something of value there. Keep a micro-fibre cloth in the car to clean the glass. It takes seconds to clean and saves a whole heap of hassle of writing up Police reports.

Lock your car

We don’t want to play the role of Captain Obvious, so we won’t tell you why you should lock your car, but we hope you do this already. Of course, there is no way to stop a break in or your car being stolen. These steps, whilst mostly common sense, will hopefully make your car as undesirable to a criminal as possible.