How to Demist Your Windscreen Instantly

Posted by Motorama in Motoring Tips

You go to head off in the morning, but your windscreen is completely fogged up.

How do you solve it quickly? It’s not the way you might think.

It’s cold out, so put the demister on the hottest temperature, right? Well, no.

When your car sits overnight, the temperature inside the car doesn’t drop as low as the temperature outside, so it will be more humid – causing the “fog.” 

So, really, your car is comparison to the temperature outside. So how do you fix a fogged windscreen so you can see again?

If you put it on cold, the air-conditioning will dry out the interior – because it carries less moisture than hot air.

So put the air conditioner on blast for a couple of minutes and then, once you can see clearly, start to increase the temperature inside the car. It will start to fog up again if you’re driving for long enough with the heater on – as the humidity increases in the car and your .

To prevent your windscreen from fogging up, a quick homemade solution is to rub dish washing liquid on the inside of your windscreen. Take a cloth and squirt detergent all over it. Wipe it all over the inside of your windscreen, until it becomes clear again once all the water from the detergent comes out.

This helps reduce the amount of moisture that can accumulate on the windscreen and makes it harder for it to get ‘fogged’ up.

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