Fuel Saving Tips to Delay the Low Fuel Light

Posted by Motorama in Motoring Tips

After a busy few days of work, dropping off and picking up the kids from school you’re now on the way to soccer practice but all of a sudden your fuel light has come on. Will you make it?

Will you have to make a call to Road Side Assist? Of course you could turn off your air-conditioning and your radio, use hills to your advantage but we have some tips below, which will hopefully mean you can avoid these drastic measures.

Service Schedules

Servicing your car? Why does it have relevance to fuel economy?

Just like other pieces of machinery, there are a number of technical items that if not maintained can mean more fuel being used. Keeping the engine correctly tuned, filters in good condition, the fuel and ignition systems operating properly plus changing your oil frequently are all things that will contribute to the efficiency of your engine.

Don’t fret. The items mentioned above are all things, which your Motorama mechanic can look after for you. It gets better with Capped Price Servicing at Motorama too. So you don’t have to lift a fingernail and it won’t break the bank to look after your car.

Ease into stops!

We’ve all done it, we see that we have to stop ahead and ease off the accelerator and try to time it perfectly so we don’t actually have to stop. You’ll be glad to know that it will save you fuel in the long run.

It’s requires less fuel if you’re already moving to accelerate because you have momentum on your side. If you like to brake late when coming into a stop, not only will that wear your brakes faster, but it mean that you’ll have to use more fuel to get back up to speed. It’s all about timing!

Accelerate smoothly

When you do have to come to a complete stop, and then have to get going again. Make sure you nice and smooth with your acceleration. Of course don’t drive slowly, but you’re also not in a drag race.

Smooth acceleration means that the car isn’t working too hard or not hard enough to get the car moving. If not you’ll be using more fuel to get to the same speed in almost the same time.

Ditch Extra Weight

You know that set of weights you’ve got in the boot that you’ve never bothered taking out? Or even those few heavy items from moving last weekend will all impact your fuel economy.

So if you don’t have to carry it, don’t! You’ll surprise yourself with how much fuel you’ll save by not carrying weight you don’t need. Add that in with the rest of the tips we listed above and you should see an improvement in your fuel economy and delaying that low fuel warning light!