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At Motorama we're all about safety and that all starts with the purchase of a safe car. With a new car there is the ANCAP safety rating to rely on, but when it comes to pre-owned vehicles, this score might be outdated or not available. That's where the RACQ comes in with their Used Car Safety Rating, based on real world results of hundreds of popular vehicles involved in crashes in Australia and New Zealand. These ratings provide you with the crash safety rating and show you how well each vehicle protects its driver from death or serious injury in a crash.

Motorama supports the RACQ Used Car Safety Rating system and advises everybody to check the list before making a purchase. As our CEO Mark Woelders explains in this video, it's also important to check the pre-owned vehicles service history and log book stamps.

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The ratings for the Used Car Safety were calculated using an internationally reviewed method and are influenced by the vehicle’s mass, the structural design of the body, and the safety features fitted to the vehicle, such as airbags and types of seat belts.

Each of the driver protection ratings in the 2020 Buyers Guide have been recalculated based on the most recent crash data available so they are not comparable with the ratings published in previous years. Models of vehicles that cause lower injuries to other road users with which they collide, including other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, as well as providing excellent protection for their own driver, and are fitted with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are awarded the “Safe Pick” label.

Download Used Car Safety Ratings Buyers Guide

One of the RACQ Top Safety Picks in the small car category is the Mazda 3.

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Another of the RACQ Top Safety Picks in the small car category is the Audi A3.

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One of the safest vehicles in the compact SUV category is the Kia Sportage.

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Motorama have one of the largest selections of quality used cars for sale in Brisbane, some with the highest safety rating. If you are in the market for a second hand car, we will have the right car for you at our convenient dealer locations in Moorooka, Springwood and Browns Plains.

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