Introducing FinanceBeagle

Posted by Motorama in Motorama News

Finding and financing your next car is easy when you use the team at FinanceBeagle.

Motorama has recently adopted FinanceBeagle that makes finding and financing your next car easier than ever before.

FinanceBeagle is a business that works on your behalf to help take the hassle out of finding and financing your dream car. The team at FinanceBeagle do all the legwork in finding the perfect car for you and arrange the best finance deal by working with not just the big four banks, but utilising smaller lenders who have the flexibility to create a loan that suits your needs.

Motorama Managing Director, Mark Woelders, confirmed the partnership with FinanceBeagle to support Motorama customers.

“At Motorama, we are passionately committed to helping customers with every possible aspect of their car ownership. We already offer a diverse collection of both new car brands and used cars for customers to choose from. Recently we have been wondering how we can be proactive and help even more people. That’s why we have decided to partner with a new business that we believe can help us – and help you even more. And that’s why I want to introduce you to ‘The Beagle’.”

Finding and Financing Your Car

The team at FinanceBeagle does all the legwork for you and helps you to find the dream car you've been looking for.

Using our network of new and used car dealers we are able to take the hassle out of finding the car you want and are able to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Having access to QLD's largest supply of used car stock as well as all the big brands in new cars means we are confident you won't be disappointed in our service.

As well as helping you find the right car - we are also committed to finding the best finance package available for you. Getting pre-approved is an important part of our process as it ensures we make sure we are tailoring our vehicle search for you in line with your budget. At FinanceBeagle we work with over 30 different lenders and utilize our experience and industry knowledge to ensure you are getting the best deal possible for you.

Finance Anything

The team at FinanceBeagle can help with all of your finance needs. As a specialist finance brokerage we can help with all of your finance needs including bikes, boats, any leisure craft, personal loans, as well as helping consolidate any current debt or loans you may have. And if you're in business then we have a specialist team of Commercial Finance Brokers at FinaceBeagle who focus just on our business customers and all their finance needs whether it be transport gear, commercial equipment, machinery or even cashflow solutions for your business. Motorama isn’t a finance broker, so we’ve given FinanceBeagle the task to process all finance pre-approvals. The FinanceBeagle team will work with a number of Australia’s leading and trusted finance providers from big banks right down to small lenders, who offer the best rates and can work to tailor their loans to suit your lifestyle.

To learn more, simply visit our website and within a few clicks, the FinanceBeagle team can be sniffing out the best deals, whether you’re searching for a car or finance, all while you relax at home.