Community Fundraising Drive 2019

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Supporting our local community is one of the core values at Motorama. With our Community Fundraising Drive, we raised $100,000 that we decided to donate to local charities that all do wonderful things within our community, among which is the Starlight Children's Foundation. Everybody that purchased a car from Motorama Pre-Owned could vote to nominate one of our chosen local charities. Choosing just one charity for us to contribute to is most guests hardest decision. At the end of the year the votes were counted and Starlight received 52% of the votes.

Starlight Children's Foundation

The Starlight Children's Foundation - with Motorama being a founding partner of the Starlight Express Room at the Queensland's Children's Hospital - aims to help brighten the lives of seriously ill children, teenagers and their families. Starlight helps sick kids forget their illness, turning pain, fear and stress into fun, joy and laughter.

Tracey Tomlin, State Partnerships Manager of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, received the cheque from Motorama Group Training Manager, Damian Woelders:

"The sad reality is, that every minute of every day a child is admitted to a hospital in Australia. Hospital and treatment can be scary. And when a child gets really sick, the fun, play and laughter of childhood often seems to disappear. What happens in childhood lasts a lifetime and happiness matters, especially when it coms to improving health outcomes. Starlight exists to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalized children and young people, replacing the fear, loneliness and isolation of illness with fun, joy and laughter.

There is a Starlight Express Room in every children’s hospital in Australia. These bright, medical free havens run by Captain Starlight, are filled with fun, music, games and arts and crafts. While doctors treat a child’s illness, our super hero Captain Starlight entertains the children with an essential dose of laughter, play and creativity.

Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you stop being a kid, and it shouldn’t mean missing out on all the fun of childhood. Starlight helps sick kids simply be kids. We replace pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laugher. Because happiness matters.

Starlight knows there is more to treating an illness than just medicine, that is why they work hand in hand with health professionals. Play, art, games and creativity are all important to a child’s wellbeing and that helps overall health too. Starlight disrupts the relentless cycle of pain, stress and trauma and offers a welcome break so that kids can simply be kids.

When a once-bright life becomes dulled by needles, hospital visits and painful treatments, Starlight helps sick kids forget their illness and re-discover the joy of childhood."

Motorama Charity Foundation

"On behalf of the Motorama Charity Foundation, I'd like to thank our Pre-Owned teams and customers for helping choose how we supported our charities", says Damian Woelders. "We are very proud to give this money away to these special causes and will continue to do the same in 2020."

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When you purchase a car through us, you are not only supporting a family owned business, you are also supporting the local community through the Motorama $100,000 Community Fundraising Drive.

Community Fundraising Drive