Flexible Car Subscription with Motopool

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A Motopool Car Subscription gives you the ability to pay for your car the same way you would pay for your Netflix membership or your gym access. You pay a simple monthly fee that covers everything to do with your car outside of fuel and get access to a range of cars that you can use as if they were your own.

By choosing a Motopool Car Subscription you get access to a wide range of different cars to suit your changing lifestyle and your budget. With our different plan pricing options and a range of cars in all shapes and sizes – you can be sure you’ll find the right car at the price to kick off your subscription.

How does it work?

Ours different plans cover you no matter what your needs and budget. Each plan has a range of different benefits depending on the flexibility your require along with things like how many KM’s you are likely to travel. So whats what?

  • Our Plan fee covers the benefits you get from each plan such as KM’s included, your minimum term and the frequency you can swap cars
  • Our Car fee covers the actual car that you are driving and varies dependent on the value of the car that you choose
  • Each car’s subscription price is calculated based on the type of car along with the plan that you choose giving you the ultimate flexibility to find the perfect fit

​Why choose Motopool? 

Let’s say you choose a good looking SUV that is perfect for the family and for work. Then you decide you’re ready for a chance and you book a sporty Dual Cab. Maybe you’ve got the school reunion coming up – so you decide the only way to turn up is driving a sports car! With a Motopool subscription you match your car to your lifestyle and your needs.

​Where ownership of a car is a long term commitment, you're limited to one car, you've got the expenses of ongoing maintenance and it's difficult and often costly to change cars, Motopool is different. You have access to a range of cars to suit your lifestyle and one simply weekly payment that covers all expenses. Choice, flexibility and simplicity.

All you do is pay for fuel and any trip related expenses as you go.    Simple.

"We have seen a shift in the way consumers view owning a car vs using mobility solutions. Australians traditionally like to own their vehicles so that they have access to them at all times, but also have very active and varied lifestyles. With a subscription you are able to get the best of both worlds - permanent access to a vehicle hassle free and with the ability to not lock into one certain vehicle and match you car to your lifestyle", says Motopool's General Manager Caleb Gunn. To find out more, get in touch with Motopool

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