Sell your car: How to do it privately

How to Sell Your Car Privately

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If we haven’t been able to help you sell your car to us, we’ve got some tips to help you sell it yourself!

So, before you even think about taking photos of your car or creating an ad, it’s a good idea to make sure that not only you know as much as you should know about your car, but also have everything is meant to go with the car.

All of these things might not be compulsory to have; it goes a long way in making your car stand out from the rest to get you the best price possible.

Things you need to have:

Here is a quick list of items or pieces of documentation you should have with your car:

  • Proof of registration
    • You’ll need this when you finally sell your car to transfer the car to the new owner!
  • User manuals
    • New owners love being able to figure out what that mysterious button does on the dash with the help of the user manual.
  • Service log books
    • This is very important to have. It’s documentation showing when and where the car was serviced. It gives insight into how well the car has been looked after.
  • Any original purchase documentation
    • This is nice to have to show owners exactly what was fitted to the car when it rolled out the showroom floor.
  • Spare keys
    • Spare keys are quite important to have. Getting additional keys cut for a car can be quite expensive.
  • All accessories including floor mats & spare tyres
    • Unless you’re keeping these accessories for your new car, these are fantastic ways to build more value into your car.
  • Road Worthy Certificate (RWC) / Safety Certificate
    • To be able to sell a road car to someone a RWC is needed. This proves to the Department of Transport that the car is safe and able to be driven on the road.

Things you need to know

When it comes to getting ready to create an ad for your car, here are some of the things you should know:

  • When it was last serviced
    • Documentation showing the work carried out is also great!
  • When the next service is due
    • Information on what possibly needs to be replaced for the next service is good to have too.
  • Vehicle options and specs
    • Knowing what has been fitted onto your car is a must share in the vehicle advertisement.

You’re ready for the next step!

So, now you’ve ticked all of those items of the list, you’re ready to merchandise and sell your car. Click here to learn about our tips on taking great looking photos of your car and what you should include in your vehicle comments and more.

If this process seems to be a little too much for you, you can always get in touch with us!

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