Sell your car: How to maximise your resale price

How to Maximise the Resale Price of Your Car

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Having your car listed online or in the classifieds is just one small part in advertising your car.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles just like yours. To get a good price for your car, you will need to not just stand out, but make your car desirable to potential buyers and make them want your car.

Vehicle Comments

When creating an online ad, one of the most important aspects are the comments about your car.

Your comments should;

  • Be descriptive and provide insight into the features on the car
  • List where the car has been stored
  • Advise when the car is registered until
  • Detail the maintenance / servicing that has been performed
  • Try and craft your comments with a fun tone & always encourage potential buyers to contact you with further questions.

So what makes good comments?

This is a great example of a detailed and concise account of the car for sale:

Tip: Don’t be afraid to list features in the vehicle comments, as some online car ads poorly show what is actually fitted to the car.

Vehicle Photos

Advertising your car without photos is almost impossible. Selling your car with low quality or bad looking photos can be just as bad.

Quality vehicle photos are the best way to attract potential buyers and to make your car standout from the crowd.

We recommend:

  • Goes without saying but ensure your car is clean – inside & out.
  • Use the best quality camera you can in an area with plenty of natural lighting
  • Upload a minimum of 12 photos included in your ad
  • The more photo’s, the more views, the more clicks – this can justify asking for a higher price
  • Frame your photo’s – ensure all of your car is in the frame

Tip: Try and find a location that gives you a plain background. Busy backgrounds can distract.


One of the most overlooked areas for vehicle photos is the interior.  If you don’t have photos of the interior, buyers are likely to move onto the next car as they wonder if you have anything to hide like wear and tear.

Make sure you include photos of the front and rear seats, dashboard, and anything that can show the optional equipment or trim level. Photo’s of additional keys and log books are very beneficial.  

Tip: Make sure you have plenty of light, dark interior photos make your interior not as inviting.

Engine Bay, Odometer and VIN

Buyers appreciate being able to see a photo of the VIN on the car, a photo of the km’s on the car and also a shot of the engine bay. This lets buyers know that the details in the ad are correct and that the engine bay has been maintained.

Online Classifieds

There are lots of places where you can offer your car up for sale including online websites, classifieds, and more. Knowing where your car is going to be listed can affect how quickly your car is going to sell.

To help you out, we’ve listed some places on where you can list your car:

  • (Paid) – It’s Australia’s biggest online website for selling your car online. Some good tools to get the most of your ad.
  • (Paid) – Whilst not the biggest, a lot of advertisers who have their car on usually advertise here too
  • Trading Post (Paid) – It’s not like the old school Trading Post, this online version is popular for unique cars or cars that are at the budget end under $10k.
  • Gumtree (Free) – It’s free, and very popular for all sorts of car sellers. However, be prepared for buyers offering vehicles to trade or low ball offers.

You’re ready to go!

So, now you’ve got some great comments and photos for your ad, and you know where you can list your car. All you need to do now is sell it!

Alternatively if you don’t know what your car is worth or simply want to let us take the hassle out of selling your car, you can simply contact us.

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