How to Protect Your Car Inside and Out

Posted by Motorama in Buyer Advice

Everybody wants to have a nice looking car.

But life gets in the way and it isn’t always easy to keep your car clean, here are the most common problems and how to fix them.

Cars and kids

Children are often the messiest passengers with dirty shoes, messy food, drink as well as various tears and runny noses. Sticky fingers don’t just make your back seat look bad, but any other passengers won’t find it particularly pleasant either.

To fix stains any ice cream or juice spills, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in one cup of warm water and apply it to a white towel. Keep blotting the area with clean sections of the towel until the stain no longer shows on the white of the towel as well as the fabric.

Lifting mud and dirt out of carpets after footy training is a little trickier. First, let any mud dry, then brush vigorously with a stuff bristled brush. Vacuum up the loose dirt, and then brush again, repeating until it’s mostly lifted. Then apply a carpet cleaner and follow the manufacturer instructions.

Cars and pets

Pets don’t appreciate the interior of cars like humans, leaving fur and drool on their way out to more fun things outside. Hair and strange smells can get absorbed into the interior of the car, mixing together to create a less than pleasing atmosphere for your human passengers.

To get out pet fur that has become buried in carpet, mix two teaspoons of fabric softener in a spray bottle full of water, and then apply to the carpet, move over it with a paper towel and then allow it to dry. Vacuum up the loosened pet hair and if there’s still some left over, spray with a bottle of plain water, put on some washing up gloves and run over the area with your hands – any remaining loose pet hair will collect on the fingertips. Wait until it’s dry and then re-vacuum the area.

To remove drool or sick stains from upholstery, mix a few teaspoons of dishwashing liquid with a tablespoon of ammonia in a large bowl of warm water. Wear gloves; apply the solution to a cloth, wringing it out before blotting the area until the stains are gone. Wiping any fresh slobber from the upholstery with baby wipes will prevent any caked in stains.

Cars and the great outdoors

Your car’s exterior looks brilliant in the showroom, and even looks good when you bring it home for the first time. But as time goes on, dirt and dust, rain and leaves start to dull the shine of your car. Your car doesn’t look bad, but it certainly doesn’t look like the car you knew when you started your loan repayments.

To get your car looking like new again, clean thoroughly and then take a close look at the outside of your car to see any problem spots. Pay particular attention to any missing patches of clear coat on the surface or dull areas of paint that can all seem to blend into the background after years of looking at your car the same way.

If you can’t find the time, or want to safeguard your car from any further damage inside and out – Motorama offers a range of high quality, permanent interior and exterior treatments for your car. The Advanced Protection Fusion Program is a protective treatment using the most advanced technologies to shield your cars exterior and interior.

Motorama’s Customer Care Consultants are experts in getting more out of your car, to keep the new car smell for longer – or getting it back into the vents after a little bit. Taking care of your car doesn’t just help you out in the short term, a car that’s been carefully maintained often fetches a higher resale price when it comes time to trade in.

Our Customer Care Team is on hand at every Motorama dealership to give you all the information you need to to maximise your car’s potential. Drop in and have a chat with a friendly Customer Care Consultant today and get their expertise on all things automotive.