Holden Guaranteed Value

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Holden Guaranteed Value is a flexible finance solution that ‘Future Proofs’ the value of your Holden from the moment you drive away from the dealership in your brand-new car. Wherever you see the ‘Future Proofed’ stamp symbol you know that the future value of your Holden is guaranteed, giving you peace of mind and plenty of options.​ Here's how it works:


What’s great about Holden Guaranteed Value is that you have Certainty around the future value of your vehicle, Choice over the loan term, and Control – with plenty of flexibility at the end of your Holden Guaranteed Value Loan Term and the following options:


Upgrade to a new Holden at the end of your loan term and trade in your current Holden. If the trade-in value is higher than the Holden Guaranteed Value you can keep the difference or put it towards your new Holden.


If you want to retain ownership of your Holden, you can pay out the final Holden Guaranteed Value amount with no surprises, know that the value is guaranteed and was locked in at the start of the loan contract.


If you would rather part ways with your Holden, then subject to fair wear and tear requirements and the agreed kilometres being met, you can simply return your Holden and you'll have no more to pay.

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