Best P Plater Cars

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Just got your license and ready to hit the road? You better get yourself some reliable wheels that look the part. We've selected the Best P Plater Cars for you to make the choice a bit easier! You just have to choose to go manual or auto, want diesel or petrol and what colour you like!


A hatchback is easy to manoeuvre around in the city and because of their compact size also not hard to park. You can usually choose between a 3 or a 5 door, depending on what style you're after and how many people usually drive with you. The good thing about hatchbacks is that they're quite fuel efficient because of their size and drive well because their low centre of gravity. Good examples are the Toyota Yaris or MG3.


One step up for a hatchback in size sits the sedan. Usually they sit on a similar platform in height and ride quality, but a sedan is a bit longer and offer you and your friends a bit more space inside. Equally important is the fact that your luggage space grows, because instead of a sloping roof with a flat back, you now has some extra space behind to actually fit some sizeable suitcases or sporting equipment. It's a matter of taste whether you like the look and lines of a sedan, but they are a proven body style that has been around since forever. New models like the Kia Cerato or the Toyota Corolla Hatch proof that they has stood the test of time and can look very schmick.

Compact SUV

Need a bit more space but still want don't want to slug around a massive car? Then a compact SUV might be something for you. They offer more boot space and room for your passengers than a hatchback and because of the ride height they give you a good overview of the road ahead. Especially if you have a dog or like to go away for road trips and need to take some luggage a compact SUV is a good choice. Good examples are the Mazda CX-3 or Kia Stonic.


Want to go off roading than you will need a 4x4! You can choose between either a wagon like the Jeep Compass or a ute like the Ford Ranger pictured above. The latter is a lot to handle when you're on your P's, but some people prefer a large vehicle as it makes them feel safe. Because you're riding higher hitting a side walk probably wouldn't do a lot of damage to your 4x4 either, which makes it a bit more forgiving. Choosing a smaller wagon like the Compass gives you a smoother drive on the tarmac though, while still taking you to some great beach destinations.


Thinking about the environment, don't want to pay for petrol every week or simply enjoy the silence then an electric car is definitely for you. A few years ago you had little choice, but now you can opt for the funky Mazda MX-30 or the affordable MG ZS EV and get yourself in an electric vehicle as a first car without any hassle. They offer a different driving experience than petrol vehicles, but with the future in mind you might as well start of right.

Buying Pre-Owned

Pre-Owned cars often have the benefit of being depreciated, thanks to someone else using them because they’re not fresh out of the factory. You can pick up a bigger or better car than new, because your dollar tends to stretch further in the used car market.

However, you may fall into the trap of buying a car from someone who has trashed his or her car and is looking to offload it onto you. This doesn’t mean that used cars are junk. Late model cars at dealers (who have vetted any used car) and even demonstrator models (that were owned by the dealership) can cut thousands off the price of a current model car. You can get a good used car for under $15,000 at Motorama Pre-Owned, perfect for any p-plater to start their journey!

Cars from private sellers are even cheaper still; you just have to look a bit harder than at a dealership to find one in an appropriate condition for its age, that’s also at the right price. When looking for a pre-owned car, you want something late model for style and safety, that has easy access to parts, a widespread dealership network for service, affordable running costs and offers reliability so you’re not spending all your time at the workshop.

Motorama have one of the largest selections of quality pre-owned cars for sale in Brisbane. If you're a P Plater looking for second hand car, we will have the right car for you. We stock cars across all price ranges starting for under $15,000, at our convenient dealer locations in Moorooka, Springwood and Browns Plains.

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