5 Reasons To Buy A 4x4

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Most people don't need any convincing that owning a 4x4 is absolutely awesome, but if you're still on the fence why you would need a 4x4 in your life, here are our top 5 Reasons To Buy A 4x4.

Unlimited Adventure

Probably the most important reason to get yourself a 4x4 is so you can go on unlimited adventure practically anywhere. A 4x4 can take you places a normal car wouldn't be able to get to, including some amazing camping spots, secluded water holes and awesome vistas on top of rugged mountain tracks.

With a 4x4 you can also explore beach destinations unreachable without the proper equipment and they allow you to camp alongside the ocean, an unforgettable experience.

Towing Capacity

If you want to tow anything bigger than a box trailer, you'll most likely are going to need either a big SUV or a 4x4. Most 4WDs come with a towing capacity between 2500kg and 3500kg, which is what you need to tow a larger camper trailer or caravan and still have enough power to actually get up to speed.

Next to its towing capacity is also the size and weight of a 4x4 important when towing, because you want the towing vehicle to be an par with the size and weight of what you're actually towing to keep control.

Accessory Options

Where to options to personalise a car usually end with what kind of wheels you fit underneath it and which interior you choose, the possibilities on most 4x4s are practically endless. From accessories that enhance its off road capabilities like tyres, suspension, lift kits and underbody protection to anything you might need on the campsite like awnings, roof top tents and even whole kitchens; it's all possible to fit in or on a 4WD.

You can really make any 4x4 your own, because next to the factory fitted accessories, there are a multitude of aftermarket suppliers like Ironman 4x4 that have a wide range of fit outs for pretty much any 4x4. Let your imagination run wild and equipped your 4x4 exactly to your wants and needs.


As 4x4s are meant to be going off road, manufacturers build them out of strong materials. They're there to last, not to be wrecked the moment you hit the sidewalk once. Most vital components are made our of stronger, thicker and more durable materials and the engine is usually tried and tested to last many kilometres through harsh environments.

On the inside you usually find more durable and hard wearing materials, so you don't have to take as much care when getting into and outside the cabin every time. The seats are meant to get dirty on occasion and most of the times are easier to clean, as are the rubber mats.

Abundance of Space

Because of their size, a 4x4 will always have more space for its occupants and their cargo than a standard car. Some big AWD SUVs might come close, but they lack the possibility to mount roof racks and store a lot of stuff on top on your 4x4.

A big chuck of the 4x4s on the market are ute's though and they have an abundance of space, especially if you get a single cab (but you won't have a back seat of course). If you add a canopy on top of your ute tray, you'll have enough space to carry pretty much anything you need for a couple of months on the road. You can fit this canopy with a fridge, drawers, put extra water and fuel tanks underneath and be completely self sufficient.


So there you have it, our Top 5 Reasons To Buy A 4x4. Whether it's because you want to go anywhere you like, tow anything you want, make it completely yours, don't have to worry about breaking something easily or just have a load of space for all your gear, it's a 4x4 you need.

Most of us don't need convincing that a 4x4 should be parked in every Queenslanders garage, but if you still do just have a look at the image above. Enough said.

Any 4x4 purchased comes with complimentary membership to join the Motorama 4X4XMORE Club, which includes invites to tag-along tours to explore some of Queensland's most iconic 4x4 locations.

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If you take you 4x4 to some remote location, over challenging obstacles or through rough terrain, you better make sure it's serviced properly. Make sure your 4x4 doesn't let you down when you need it most!

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