4 Ways To Know When It Is Time To Trade Your Car

Posted by Motorama in Buyer Advice

There comes a time in the life of every car when you start to question whether the problems and costs to repair are starting to outweigh the benefits of keeping the vehicle.

Maybe it's rust that's giving you difficulties, fading paint or engine troubles, whatever the reason, there always comes a time when you might be considering trading in your old faithful.

Below are a few common situations where people have chosen to trade rather than repair;

Timing Belt Troubles

The timing belt has a finite lifespan, usually measured in years or more typically, in kilometres, while a timing chain is generally good for the life of the car.

With a timing belt, every 80,000 kilometres or so (and it varies from model to model) you will find it becomes rather expensive to replace it and while it is not always financially affordable to just get a new car, there are a lot of added pains that come with replacing the timing belt on most modern, front-drive cars.

This includes replacing the water pump and idler pulleys at the same time. To be safe, simply mention to any one of our Motorama Service Departments at your next service to pay close attention to the timing belt and to give you some feedback on it’s current operative capabilities.

High Servicing Costs

It is a fact of life that as vehicles get older, more things can break! Servicing costs are one area where as the vehicle ages, costs can really escalate.

One thing to consider is that a number of manufacturers now have Capped Price Servicing programs. This basically means that a set numbers of log book services are capped at a certain price. This can be a great way to reduce your ongoing ownership costs for your new vehicle.

In fact, all the brands that Motorama retail and service - Toyota, Holden, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Kia, are covered by manufacturer Capped Price Service Programs. All our used vehicles, are also eligible for the Used Vehicle Motorama Capped Price Service program.

Fading Paint Issue

Dark colours and reds actually fade much quicker than lighter colours!

It is however possible to have your paint finish revamped by receiving a professional polish. Motorama retail aftermarket products including an exterior protection spray which will not only lock in the colour of your vehicle, but also prevent it from rusting or from anything eating away at the paint.

It provides shine to the car also and is a good peace of mind investment.

Outdated Safety Features

Vehicles generally get safer every time a new model is launched. As safety technology gets cheaper & new models aim to out feature the competition - more and more safety features tend to be included.

All new vehicles launched strive to achieve the best Australian safety rating possible - a 5 STAR ANCAP rating. So if your vehicle is starting to get on, it might pay to understand what safety features it does have, and what features you could be upgrading to if you replaced it.

These are the 4 most common reasons that we often see that make customers think about trading in their vehicle. Motorama can take the hassle out of disposing of your current vehicle if you decide its time to sell - we can trade it in for you as we are always on the lookout for quality used vehicle stock.

Alternatively, if you want your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic, book it in to your local Motorama service department and we will happily look over the vehicle for you. We also can conduct roadworthy's on your vehicle for a small fee if required.