Scenic Drive to Killarney via Boonah

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Killarney & surrounds is one of the Motorama team's favourite day trip destinations from Brisbane. When we head home from Killarney, we like to drive home the touristy, scenic way. However, this road is perhaps even nicer when driven the other way (ie. from Boonah). So if you have time and are making your way out to Killarney, make sure to take the right turn-off to Boonah. We'll guide you along the way.

Carrs Lookout

When driving on the 93 (Boonah-Rathdowney Road) coming from Boonah, turn off to the right (left when coming from the south going towards Boonah) into Carneys Creek Road. This road turns into The Head Road, and then becomes Spring Creek Road, which takes you to Killarney. This scenic drive is mostly single lane and because of the tight twisties (especially at the end of the trip), it's definitely not the fastest way. It's a very pleasant drive though, and a 4WD isn't necessary.

Make sure to definitely stop at Carrs Lookout, but if you have some extra time and it has rained recently, the Teviot Falls are also worth a stop.  After seeing both, you'll probably want a refreshment or even lunch, for which the Spring Creek Mountain Cafe is a great choice. 


The scenic drive from Boonah to Killarney treats you to not one waterfall, but two: first the iconic Queen Mary Falls, and then Browns Falls. At the Queen Mary Falls, there is a beautiful picnic area with toilet and barbecues. From there, it's an easy stroll to the lookout or a further 2 km walk down to the base of the falls and back up - with stairs, making it easy for you. You can also have a bite at the Falls Cafe before heading out to Browns Falls, which you'll reach via a stunning walk along and across a creek (that can get muddy in the wet).


From Browns Falls, the road opens up with beautiful farmland all the way up to Killarney.  Don't forget to turn right onto Border Road and say hi to the lovely people at the Killarney Hotel before heading back home. 

Or, if you have a 4x4 capable vehicle, the 14 Creek Crossings of the Condamine River is a popular option.  This is road is frequently closed due to flooding, and if you do tackle it, make sure to drive responsibly, take any rubbish with you & respect the roads (people live & farm all through here).

Public Service Announcement

When driving through the Gorge keep you max speed on the road to 30km per hour, wildlife and cattle continuously cross the road to get to the river. Keep your speed through the crossings to 5-10km per hour maximum.   The faster you go, the bigger the bow wave your vehicle will create, causing sediment to flow into the river and causing continuous damage to the road. Remember, your impact is mutiplied by thousands of vehicles doing the same thing.

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