Off-Road Tyre Pressures

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Unless you have tried it, letting half the air out of your tyres to go off road might seem like a crazy idea, however it couldn’t be further from the truth, and any experienced off roader will agree, it can be the difference between making it through or getting stuck.

As you head off the beaten track, your car has to put up with a lot more than just a dodgy pothole – there’s rocks ready to puncture your tyres, sand that can leave you stuck with the wheels spinning and obstacles on the track that can spell trouble for the unprepared.

Lowering your tyre pressures​

Lowering your tyre pressures does two things; perhaps most importantly it will increase the length of your tyre to provide greater surface area contact between the tyre and the terrain, this is vitally important in soft sand.

The benefits of reducing pressures doesn’t end there, the tyre will also become softer and more pliable over rocky terrain and tree roots. This greatly reduces the risk of a puncture and tyre damage when you are offroad.

Having a quality inflation/deflation kit is essential for any vehicle leaving the bitumen.  Use the following guide to start preparing yourself:

  • Always pack a good quality deflator that is quick and easy to use, preferably one that actually removes the valve and incorporates a gauge.
  • When getting back on to sealed roads, you’ll need a compressor to pump your tyres up. You can buy portable, or vehicle mounted compressors – each suited for different levels of off-road adventurer.
  • For example, a single compressor from has an air output of 87.2L per minute and will easily inflate tyres.  For more serious off-roaders, the twin compressor has an air output of 174.4L per minute and, when coupled with an air tank, is capable of running air tools; ready for the bush mechanic.
  • If you’re investing in your off-road kit, you can also pickup a suite of extras from inflators with gauges, extension hoses to air blowers and air tanks to complete your comprehensive kit and prepare yourself for any situation you might encounter.

Right Kit

The latest 4x4 vehicles are full of amazing technology now, and while that helps you to get out there and start exploring, having the right gear and being prepared is still essential when heading off road and engaging four wheel drive, preparation is key, so ask yourself these questions to begin with:

  • Do I have tyre deflation and inflation options covered?
  • Do you have some recovery gear options with you?
  • Do you have communications that will work?
  • And do you have a good first aid kit?

The right kit is hard to get perfect first time for every kind of off-road adventure, but there is basic gear that will always be in fashion when the road ends the great outdoors starts.

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