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When it comes to choosing accessories to fit out your 4x4, there is almost too much too choose from.  Price, style material and colour coded options are just a few of the questions that arise.  Another important consideration, is do you go with genuine or aftermarket accessories.   We've done the comparison for you to give you all the pros and cons.

Reasons to Choose Genuine

The first and probably most important reason to choose genuine accessories, is that if fitted when the vehicle is first delivered, they come with the manufacturers warranty covering any defect.  Another good reason, is that genuine accessories are designed especially for the make and model of your vehicles; purpose made to fit and work.  Qualified factory technicians also know their way around genuine accessories, where they might have trouble with aftermarket accessories bolted on.   Finally, there is the issue that aftermarket accessories can void the manufacturers warranty, as aftermarket items can be considered a modification, something that isn't a problem with genuine accessories.  

If for example, you got an engine tune, and later had issues within the warranty period regarding your engine, it is highly likely the manufacturer would deem your engine tune an illegal modification, that has cause the issue with your engine.  

Reasons To Go Aftermarket

There are also a few good reason to consider aftermarket accessories. One of which is styling; you might simply not like how the genuine accessory looks. It could also come down to compatibility, as sometimes a genuine bull bar might not be compatible with a winch, or doesn't come with rated recovery points. There could very well be an aftermarket option that does. The same goes for side rails or heavier duty side steps. Usually these items aren't available as a genuine combination, but are available aftermarket. Another thing to consider is if you need more heavy duty accessories than what is available genuine, like thicker bash plates, bigger suspension or a heavier duty tray or canopy. Whilst the range of Genuine accessories available on a certain model is down to the manufacturer, with some brands having plenty of options, and others offering the bare minimum.

And don't forget the Luxury Car Tax you might have to pay if the total price of the fully kitted out vehicle costs more than $68,740 when taking delivery - perhaps a reason to add some accessories afterwards.


The choice between going for genuine or aftermarket accessories (or a combination of both) isn't an easy one to make. There are pro's and con's for both, and in the end it's about weighing up the advantages against the disadvantages. A very important aspect to genuine accessories is of course the factory warranty, but only you can decide if that's more important than the range and options offered by aftermarket suppliers.

If you need any advice, just talk to one of our friendly sales team who can supply you with all necessary information and show you their wide range of options.

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