Gordon Country

Adventure Guide: Gordon Country

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Gordon Country is a few hours outside of Brisbane, but it feels like a world away thanks to lush surrounds, spectacular scenery and tranquil accommodation options.

Getting There

The drive to Gordon Country takes you out southwest from Brisbane past Ipswich, on the Cunningham Highway on the way to Warwick. Alternatively, you can take the longer, scenic route on the Warrego Highway past Gatton and Grantham or if you’re coming from south of Brisbane, you can drive west on the Beaudesert-Boonah Road.

Inverramsay Road, leading to the park, is unsealed, however it is fine for regular 2WD cars – certainly no need to switch into low gearing on your 4WD. Gordon Country can be easily accessed with a caravan or a camper trailers.

Top Tip - Don’t rely on your google maps or GPS to get there. Make sure you download their map from their website and follow the signs.

What to bring

Gordon Country has powered cabins, as well as sites for tents and caravans – so you can pack just the clothes and your toothbrush, or bring an entire mobile home. You can set up your tent perched on the banks of the spring-fed creek that runs for nearly 15km through the estate, while the cabin and glamping tent options let you enjoy the 400 acres of the property without ever needing to nail down a groundsheet.

For supplies, the closest town with fuel and shopping options is in the town of Allora, about half an hour away, so it’s better to stock up on essentials and fill up the car in Brisbane or Ipswich where the prices are lower.  The last chance to fuel up before Gordon Country is at a small independent fuel station just past the top of Cunningham’s Gap.

What to do

Gordon Country is renown for doing as much or as little as you want on your weekend escape.

Their a number of 4WD tracks on the property for you to test out your vehicle, from family friendly trails up to spectacular views, to steep mountain climbs carved out for experienced 4WDers.  There really is something for everyone – just make sure you check the current tracks conditions at the office.

To help beginners or if your just wanting to see what your 4x4 can do, there is a Playpen area where you can have a go on some smaller tracks, obstacles etc to really hone your skills, before tackling the longer tracks. 

You are located within the Main Range National Park.   There are some spectacular walks and viewing platforms that you can access via a short drive from Gordon Country itself.   Two of our favourites are Sylvester Lookout (eye watering views back towards the Lockyer Valley) & Araucaria Falls (short walk to a natural waterfall).

The picturesque Dalrymple Creek also ebbs and flows through the park. This creek will provide hours of entertainment for the kids, from shallow rapids to deeper section for swimming, boat races or yabby catching.

Gordon Country is also a good jumping off point to a few other local adventures – you could head into Warwick for a look around, head over to the Queen Mary falls, or even do the 14 Creek Crossings of the Condamine.

So if you’re looking for a relaxing weekend away, get some friends together, pack the marshmallows, gather some firewood and settle in for a quiet evening fireside under the stars of Gordon Country.

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