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Some of our popular topics the last few months have included 5 tips to keep your 4X4 road legal, because kitting out your 4X4 is all part of the fun, but with laws getting tighter it’s more important than ever to keep your vehicle road legal. Nobody wants to get a fine, have an accident or get their insurance claim refused. With these 5 tips you can prevent having to disassemble your carefully assembled parts.


We’ve also given you some beach driving tips from the pro's after we jumped in the car with Jason from Driver Safety Australia during a recent tag-along trips to Moreton Island. And we’ve made a handy UHF cheat sheet, as there are actually blocks of UHF channels designed for specific purposes.  With our cheat sheet, you don't have to remember them.
We were also busy with our Motorama Hay Drive, delivering over 2000 bales of hay to local drought affected farmers and donating $10,000 to the Queensland Country Woman's Association in a convoy of no less then 70 4x4's.


There has also been plenty of news from the 4X4XMORE brands: Toyota launched the Prado, with a Flat Tailgate Pack.
You have to sacrifice your 63-litre sub tank (leaving you with the standard 87 litre fuel tank and a range of about 1000km instead of 1750km), but in return you get a split lifting tailgate that improves  accessibility and is lighter and therefore easier to open.

​The HiLux, with now comes with a manual DPF switch and a new grill.

Modern diesel engines are a lot cleaner now than when they were first used, but there are still particulates – or small fragments of harmful matter that doesn’t get burned off by the engine. That’s where the Diesel Particulate Filter comes in.


Holden introduced the HSV Colorado SportsCat. The Holden Colorado is one of Australia’s most popular utes and the brands best seller.  No surprise that their Special Vehicles department would eventually get their hands on it and give it a performance treatment. In a subtle way inside, while going all-out on the exterior, they left the engine untouched, but made up for it by improving the handling. A workhorse disguised as a showpiece.
HSV SportsCat

​They also started selling the Chevrolet Silverado. There is nothing more American than doing things bigger and bolder than everyone else. So that’s exactly the case with the Chevrolet Silverado, now available in Australia through HSV. On the other side of the ocean, it might be a regular size truck, but locally it dwarves many dual cab utes. If you want to feel like a bus driver – because you’ll sit eye-to-eye to them - and drive around in the superlative of a ute, then the Chevrolet Silverado is your truck of choice.


Ford updated their entire Ranger fleet and gone are the days that utes were exclusively for tradies. The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is as much a family vehicle as a workhorse. We looked at the new model through the eyes of both and found a perfect combination.
Included in the new range is the all-new Raptor. Ford calls it ‘Australia’s first ever factory-built, warranted, off-road performance truck’: the Ranger Raptor. It doesn’t have an option pack and surely doesn’t need one. We selected 5 things that make the Raptor stand out.

Nissan & Mitsubishi

We took the upgraded Nissan Navara ST-X out for a test drive. The Navara of old came from a time where utes didn’t have to be anything other than durable enough to make it through a days work. However, the new model comes when the trend is toward making utes fit for family duties, making them much more versatile than just the farm and worksite they traditionally call home.