History of Motorama 4X4XMORE

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At Motorama, we love to share our lust for adventure with our customers.  We sell 4WDs from all the mainstream manufacturers to drivers who are keen to experience the lifestyle benefits of having a vehicle capable of going off-road at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, we were seeing more and more of our customers coming back with their 4X4 having never seen more than a bit of gravel road.

That’s where Motorama 4X4XMORE was reborn.

The 4X4XMORE Superstore in Salisbury was opened in 2000 and our long-running partnership with Channel 7's long-running, popular lifestyle and travel programs, The Great Day Out (formerly The Great South East), Creek to Coast and Queensland Weekender - where you can see our cars taking presenters all over the state from wineries to camel races and all sorts of off-road adventures!

After the dedicated 4X4XMORE dealership was wiped out in the 2011 floods, the 4X4XMORE team returned to Motorama’s other dealerships to share their expertise on everything to do with 4x4 – from the best tracks and beaches to test out their new car, to the right equipment to pack so, if you get stuck, you can get out and keep adventuring.

After talking to hundreds of new 4WD drivers, the 4X4XMORE team decided to use their knowledge and create the 4X4XMORE Club – a way to let drivers with an off-road vehicle from Motorama, get into the great outdoors and explore the capabilities of their new car with guidance from a team of experts.

Customer feedback was so positive from our initial pilot trips in 2016 that the 4X4XMORE Club was extended across every Motorama dealership: now every 4WD sold or regularly serviced with our dealerships is eligible to come along on a Tagalong Tour held regularly during the year.

2017 was one of the busiest years for the team, partnering with the Moreton Island Adventures crew to take drivers onto the sand on Moreton Island, as well as visiting some other iconic local destinations, like Double Island Point and Landcruiser Mountain Park.

Mark Woelders, Motorama's Managing Director, has praised the 4X4XMORE Tagalong Tours for engaging drivers who might not have the opportunity to try out the capabilities of their 4WD.

“Our Tagalong Tours have been a runaway success this year, with over 200 cars booked and 600 passengers joining our team,” Mr Woelders said.

“The feedback has been immensely positive – to ensure we pass on the very latest techniques and tips, we have partnered with the team at Driver Safety Australia, who are also on hand to help out anyone nervous about taking their 4x4 off-road for the first time. They also assist our team to provide a demonstration of correct recovery techniques for drivers to learn and take into their next adventure.” he said.

The final tag-along adventure for 2017 heads out to Gordon Country (near Warwick), a privately owned campground and off-road course hosting a weekend long trip with activities and off-roading on their dedicated tracks.

In 2018, the team from 4X4XMORE will expand even further to include more destinations and even more off-road expertise for drivers so they can continue to live for adventure!

If you’re ready to live for adventure, keep an eye on a list of events coming up, as well as get access to exclusive products on our 4X4XMORE Online Store.