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We spend, on average, over $1,000 on each car to ensure they meet our Quality Standards at time of sale. If anything needs replacing or restoring, it's done to give you a 'like new' experience!

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800+ Quality Used Cars

At any one time at Motorama, there are over 800 used cars to choose from, making the only decision which car to buy and when to pick it up! From SUVs to Hatches, Sedans to Utes, we have Brisbane's widest range of Used Cars.

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Capped Price Servicing Included

Think that capped price servicing is just for new cars? Think again! We have Capped Price Servicing available on our used car stock as well, to make sure you have peace of mind when buying a Motorama Used Car. Every Used Car* is eligible for 3 Capped Price Services ensuring you will gain the maximum performance, economy and longevity from your car.

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Free & Clear

All of our used cars are paid out at the time of trade, so you can drive away knowing there is no finance owing from any previous owners. There won't be any unpaid debts looming on a Used Car from Motorama. We GUARANTEE Clear Title on any car we sell.

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Fast and Flexible Finance

Our highly trained Business Managers specialise in automotive finance and insurance. Backed by St George and Toyota Financial Services, we arrange finance for 1 in every 2 customers. We can help you with flexible finance options to suit your budget, and insurance to make sure your new car is protected from the moment you drive away. Make sure you get a quote today!

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Quality? Check.

From brakes to electrical, under the bonnet to the body, nothing gets past our 110 Point Quality Check. We make sure they pass our tests, before they pass yours.

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